Application Fee (Stage 1)
€725.00 payable on Application.

Examination Fee (Stages 2+3)
€7,775.00 (based on nine subjects at €725.00 per subject + €1,250 for the Design Project).

TOTAL FEES: €8,500 (Stage 1, 2 and 3)

Fees for Stage 2 and 3 may be paid incrementally as follows:
€4,015.00 down-payment (March 2015) and
8 x monthly payments of €470.00 (April to November).

Repeat Fees
Repeat examinations for 2015 Applicants are subject to fees as follows:
€350.00 per Written Subject and €500.00 for Design Project.

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* The ARAE Examination will be offered on an annual basis subject to a minimum number of eligible candidates, in any given year, or for any given stage or assessment.